Birds Eye View of a Manor House and surrounded area

In October 2014, the Manor House in Gogolewo was purchased by its current owners. The building has undergone a very large – as part of a passion for life – renovation, in order to restore its former appearance both outside and inside (reconstruction of the two-tract layout on the ground floor). The aim of the above activities was to prepare a place located in a beautiful area away from the tumult of the current noisy civilization. The facility is open to people looking for a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, seeking relaxation in the bosom of nature, but also for the purpose of cultural education.

As part of this assumption, for the interested people, educational workshops are organized, the best example of which is the organization of photographic plein-air PHOTOGOGOLEWO 2015 with the slogan of Photogenic Province. It is also planned to host meetings and exhibitions, both photographic and painting, in which the master and the student will meet. At the House of Creative Work, in particular in the atmospheric basements of the Manor House. There will also be a gallery of artistic photography, within which art connoisseurs and its collectors will be able to purchase unique photographs.

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If you want to spend time in a Manor House with the “soul” and atmosphere of old years or you dream of a wedding or other special event in such a place, surely  the Gogolewo Manor House is what you are looking for!

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