RIB Rental

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RIB Rental

An unforgettable experience is a ride in a 4-person VESTA RIB V-345 raft with a Honda internal combustion engine, during which you will be able to explore the Warta River from a new perspective, as well as admire the landscapes of the Gogolev area.

Rental price list

  • Price for the first hour of launching – 190 PLN/gross
  • Price for each additional hour of launching – 150 PLN/gross
  • Price for the whole launching day, i.e. from 9:00 to 5:00 – 750 PLN/gross
  • Additional fee for collection of RIB – 300 PLN/gross
  • Boat Cleaning Fee – 100 PLN/Gross
  • Deposit – 900 PLN/gross.

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