Staying at the Manor Complex

Old Polish hospitality, peace and quiet

The booking reservations and rentals, the Manor House is addressed to all those interested in literature, filmmaking, painting, music as well as art, culture and history in general.

In the offer of the Gogolewo Manor House, we recommend taking advantage of the loyalty programme involving the collection of the Manor House stamp. You can receive a stamp after just one night’s stay at the Gogolewo Manor. Earning 10 Dwor’s stamps entitles you to 2 hours in the Banya with hydro massage and 2 hours in the dry sauna.

Manor House

We invite all lovers of creative work to a quiet, peaceful Manor House in Gogolewo, which is an enclave for people who value intimacy, being with nature and creating new works of art.

Dwór Gogolewo


Due to the small number of beds in the manor house, the owners decided to build a manor outbuilding in the place of the old farm building – which was demolished -. The outbuilding has a total of 12 rooms (ground floor + ground floor)

Dwór Gogolewo oficyna pokój

Banqueting hall

If you are looking for a banquet hall with accommodation, we recommend the offer of Gogolewo Manor House. We provide an elegant interior, excellent service and delicious cuisine.

The Banquet Hall has its own kitchen, a bar with alcoholic beverages and an atmospheric fireplace.

During a wedding or other event, we have a designated space for a DJ and a band.

The Banquet Hall can accommodate 65 people seated at a table and during a dance party.