Dwór Gogolewo podjazd



1. Reservation of a room in Manor House Gogolewo (or the whole Manor Gogolewo) should be made via the website www.dworgogolewo.pl or by e-mail at biuro@dworgogolewo.pl or through booking portals where the offer of Manor House Gogolewo is available, after becoming acquainted with these Regulations of Manor House Gogolewo. Confirmation of acquaintance with these regulations of Manor House Gogolewo takes place by booking a room and paying for it in accordance with the regulations. Making a written reservation is a confirmation of acceptance of these regulations of Gogolewo Manor House

2. The person making the reservation is obliged to provide the following e-mail address of the Lessor biuro@dworgogolewo.pl, the date of reservation, the number of beds to be reserved, indicating the room numbers (provided they are not already occupied in the given reservation period), as well as his/her personal data such as: name and surname, address of residence and contact telephone number; in the case of companies, full company details including NIP number should additionally be provided. The Lessor shall send a confirmation of the reservation by e-mail.

3. The person making the reservation shall immediately pay a deposit of 50% or as otherwise agreed with the Lessor, in accordance with the data contained in these regulations and in the confirmation of the reservation. The reservation shall be valid from the moment of sending the transfer confirmation to the e-mail address of the Lessor. In the case of cancellation of a reservation of a room in the Manor House (the whole Manor House),  the person making the reservation shall not be charged any fees only in the case of a written consent of the Lessor. In other cases the deposit paid shall be forfeited to the Lessor.

4. If the person making the reservation (or representatives of the entity indicated by them) does not turn up at the Manor Gogolewo on the agreed and confirmed date in the reservation and has not paid the total amount due by this date (based on separate arrangements), this shall be tantamount to a resignation from the reservation on the day of rental. In such a case, the Lessor shall have the right to claim the total payment for the previously booked stay, unless the Lessor has not suffered any damage.


1. The arrival of guests, hereinafter referred to as Tenants, and the handover of the room in Gogolewo Manor house shall take place every day from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

2. The departure of the Lessees and the collection of the keys by the Lessor shall take place each day by 12.00 p.m.

3. The parties may agree in writing (also electronically) other times than those specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this clause.

4. Due to the lack of a reception desk, the time of arrival and the collection and return of keys to the room in  Gogolewo Manor House should be agreed with the Lessor in advance.

5. The price for renting a room includes a set of bed linen, two towels. It is possible to prepare meals on one’s own in the kitchen of Gogolewo Manor House, or meals can be ordered in the form of catering. The price of room rental and the price of meals are specified on the website of Gogolewo Manor House at www.dworgogolewo.pl and on booking portals.

6. If the Lessee expects the Lessor to prepare meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, barbecue or bonfire), he/she is obliged to indicate this in the reservation application, specifying the number of meals and the time of their serving. The content and price for an additional meal is indicated on the website of Gogolewo Manor House at www.dworgogolewo.pl. At the request of the Hirer, it is possible to prepare meals other than those indicated on the aforementioned website, provided that they are specified in the reservation application. Prices of such meals shall be agreed individually.

7.  Settlement for the stay and any meals shall take the form of payment to the Lessor’s bank account number 87 1020 4027 0000 1602 0123 5514 in full in advance of arrival.

8. A VAT invoice will be issued at the request of the Lessor.


1. The number of persons staying overnight at Gogolewo Manor shall not exceed 16 (including children). In the case of renting the entire Gogolewo Manor, the Lessee undertakes to provide by e-mail the number of persons staying at the Gogolewo Manor property. The discovery of irregularities in the above respect shall result in the excess persons being summoned to leave the premises of Gogolewo Manor. In the event of an ineffective summons, the Landlord will seek assistance from the relevant services. Furthermore, the Lessor may charge the Lessee with a contractual penalty in the amount of PLN 2,000.00 (two thousand zlotys) for violating the arrangements concerning the declared number of persons staying on the grounds of the Gogolewo Manor.

2. The stay of animals on the premises of Gogolewo Manor is accepted after a written agreement (also by e-mail) has been made with the Landlord.

3. Smoking in Gogolewo Manor and on the premises of Gogolewo Manor is strictly prohibited. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas with an ashtray.

4. When leaving a room in Gogolewo Manor, as well as from the Gogolewo Manor property itself, you should always lock the windows and room doors and switch off all electrical appliances and lights. When leaving the Gogolewo Manor property, the gate and the entrance gate should be closed.

5. Persons using the rooms and other facilities made available at the Gogolewo Manor are obliged to take care of the substance of the rooms and their equipment so that no damage or loss is caused by their use. The state of the equipment of Gogolewo Manor is enclosed as Annex No. 1 to these regulations.

6. The Tenant acknowledges the factual condition of the rented room/rooms and the premises provided and undertakes to return the room/rooms and the premises provided in a condition not deteriorated beyond normal wear and tear upon termination of the lease relationship.

7. Parking is allowed in designated places – driving any vehicle on the premises of Gogolewo Manor except for the access road to the building is strictly prohibited.

8. The Lanlord is entitled to terminate the agreement immediately without notice and without being obliged to return the rent paid if the Tenant:

  • makes changes to the rental object,
  • fails to comply with the rules set out in these Regulations,
  • uses the subject of the tenancy contrary to its intended use,
  • grossly violates order on the premises of Manor Gogolewo,
  • subleases or otherwise makes the subject of the lease available to third parties for use without the Lessor’s written consent.

9. At the end of a stay, the Landlord or his/her designee shall verify the condition of the rented room(s) and the premises made available by presenting the keys. The key(s) to the rented room(s) in Dwor Gogolewo shall be handed over to the Landlord or the person authorised by the Landlord, i.e. Mr Nikodem Szerszeniewski (telephone + 48 607 56 45 01).


1. In justified cases, the Landlord may request the Tenant to pay a deposit of PLN 1,000.00 (in words: one thousand), which shall be refunded on the day of the Tenant’s departure.

2. The deposit may be deducted from, among other things, the costs of any damage to the substance and equipment of Gogolewo Manor, objects located on the premises of Gogolewo Manor.

3. If, as a result of non-observance of the provisions of these Regulations (with particular consideration of the provisions of § 3), any losses on the part of the Lessee exceeding the paid deposit occur, the Lessor shall have the right to claim compensation from the Lessee covering the resulting loss or damage in the full amount.


1. Final cleaning of the rented room at Gogolewo Manor is included in the price. However, the Lessee is obliged to leave previously used dishes and kitchen utensils washed and to dispose of rubbish in a bucket located in a marked place at the entrance to the premises of Manor Gogolewo. The aforementioned activities are not included in the final cleaning.

2. The Landlord allows pets, such as dogs or cats, to stay in Manor Gogolewo. In such a case, for the comfort of subsequent Tenants, it shall be necessary to thoroughly clean the room in which the animal was located and the Landlord shall be charged an additional cost related thereto (the price is specified on the Manor’s website).

3. Charges for electricity, heating, WIFI and TV are included in the rental price.

4. There are no additional charges for parking for the hirer.

5. Changes of towels and bed linen during the stay are charged extra (the price is specified on the Manor’s website) and are made available upon prior notice from the Lessee to the Lessor.

6. The Lessee shall be solely responsible for valuable items left in Gogolewo Manor.


1. All Lessees of rooms in Gogolewo Manor are obliged to respect the rules of social co-existence, including the curfew (from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.).

2. The Tenant is provided with one set of keys – to the booked room, to the main entrance to the building, and to the gate and entry gate.

3. In the event of losing the keys or failing to provide them to the Lessor, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay an amount of PLN 150 (in words: one hundred and fifty).


1. All data of the Lessor(s) will be used only for the purpose of booking a room in Gogolewo Manor and will not be made available to third parties. More detailed information on the protection and processing of personal data (GDPR) is available on the Manor’s website.


1. In matters not regulated by these Rules, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

2. Any disputes which may arise from a discrepancy in the interpretation or breach of the rules set out in these Rules and Regulations shall, in the first instance, be settled amicably by the Parties.

3. In the event that no agreement is reached, any disputes arising from the application or implementation of these rules, discrepancies in its interpretation or violation of the rules set out herein, shall be resolved by the competent court in Poznań.

4. The lessee shall be fully responsible for persons and objects in the manor, on the entire property throughout the lease period under these rules and regulations.