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Corporate events in Śrem

Corporate events in Śrem

If you are looking for an ideal place to organize unforgettable corporate events in Śrem and the surrounding area, we cordially invite you to Dwór Gogolewo. This picturesque village is located in a quiet, peaceful area, surrounded by trees, meadows and a river. The journey takes only half an hour, and it is certainly worth moving to a place where you can feel the atmosphere of times past and break away from reality. The historic building where receptions are held dates back to the 18th century. Stylized interiors make a great impression on guests.

We invite you to a knight’s village and a manor house from the 18th century

Gogolewo Manor is a beautiful example of classicist architecture. Over the years it was rebuilt and ruined to finally be in the hands of good owners. As a realization of the host’s personal dreams, the place is created with passion and maintained in an ecological spirit. There are no electronics here, but the charm is unique. It is a real journey back in time – you will be amazed by the beautiful façade, the antique furniture used in the arrangement and the tasteful decorations. A company event organized here is a great way to relax – it is charming, peaceful and very chic.

Corporate events Śrem and the surrounding area

We are happy to invite anyone interested in organizing original corporate events in Śrem or nearby towns to Gogolewo. Visiting our Manor is not only a great opportunity to relax and spend time in original interiors. There are also a number of attractions worth taking advantage of while spending time with colleagues. As part of pleasant corporate integration events, we offer, among others: bicycle or pontoon rental with a motor, which will make viewing the picturesque landscapes even more interesting. We also organize kayaking trips – a popular form of active recreation. If the weather is nice, you can light a barbecue or a bonfire here, or use the nearby beach on the Warta River.

A comprehensive approach to corporate events in Śrem

Are you looking for a place to organize a corporate event in Śrem and the surrounding area? Gather your employees and visit Dwór Gogolewo! The building is intimate, so it is perfect for hosting a small group of guests. We have comfortable rooms that are decorated in accordance with the style of the entire Manor. If you are interested, we offer full board based on delicious Old Polish cuisine. Even Magda Gessler herself was delighted with our delicacies! We encourage you to take a virtual tour of our facility. Thanks to this, you will see that the positive opinions about the Manor are fully justified!

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