Banqueting Hall

A unique venue

The Banqueting Hall - the ideal space for a wedding, corporate event or workshop

An atmospheric wooden banquet hall located in the space of the manor park, illuminated by natural sunlight with a view of the wooded park.

Stone floor interspersed with wooden beams, atmospheric chandeliers, atmospheric decorations and unusual furnishings.

This is how the Banquet Hall can be described in two sentences, where we can accommodate up to 75 people for various events.


We will organise for you:

  • Weddings and nuptials
  • Family events
  • Occasional events
  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Communions, Christenings, Birthdays
  • Bachelorette party and Stag night
  • Theme-based team-building events


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Unique atmosphere

The Banqueting Hall also includes a part of the open bar with wooden drums and outdoor wooden, ingeniously made and equipped toilets.

On each of the three sides of the Banqueting Hall there is the possibility to go out through wide wooden doors to the garden or to the park to enjoy the proximity of nature and the space among the greenery

To add a further flavour to the Hall, we have built a fireplace which, with its warmth, warms not only the Hall but also the atmosphere for meetings and formal dinners. Embedded on a wall built of antique reclaimed ceiling beams from the Manor House, it perfectly transports you back in time to a state of reflection and relaxation. A quiet, peaceful, magical place…