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Wedding houses and halls with accommodation in Greater Poland

Wedding houses and halls with accommodation in Greater Poland

The history of the Manor in Gogolewo dates back to the 18th century. From the beginning of its existence, it has been an important place for the inhabitants of this town. The estate is located in the Śrem district, just a few kilometers from Książ Wielkopolski, which makes it an excellent place for a wedding in Greater Poland. Currently, the Manor in Gogolewo is a place where you can organize a wedding, special events or simply stay overnight, with the main purpose of your stay admiring the picturesque landscapes. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Greater Poland, where your day will become a great souvenir for life, the Manor House in Gogolewo is perfect and definitely stands out among other wedding houses in Greater Poland. This is confirmed by the opinions of previous customers, so if you are interested in wedding houses (Greater Poland), we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer!

Wedding halls – Greater Poland

There is no shortage of elegant and beautiful places in Greater Poland where it is worth organizing a wedding reception. Gogolewski Dwór is an ideal wedding venue for people living in Greater Poland. The convenient location and the beauty of nature make young couples decide to choose this place as their wedding home.

A wedding should be a special day, which is why choosing the right place is so important. When looking for wedding halls in Greater Poland, it is worth choosing our manor house. The facility can organize a romantic party for family and loved ones, which will be tailored to the customers’ expectations. We guarantee great food, aesthetic decor, efficient service and a wide range of drinks and beverages. Our wedding halls (Greater Poland) will certainly adapt to your needs.

Our wedding halls with accommodation in Greater Poland are not everything – the manor is surrounded by green areas and the reception can also be held there. Our experience in organizing weddings will allow us to ensure that your wedding hall (Wielkopolska) meets all requirements. We have spacious tents that will provide additional comfort. Spacious rooms ensure free fun for even a larger number of guests, and the accommodation rooms are furnished to a high standard. The whole is maintained in the atmosphere of an old landowner’s manor. By tailoring it to the individual needs of young couples, couples in love often recommend our wedding house in Greater Poland. We realize that a wedding is a special day in everyone’s life, which is why we make every effort to delight our customers and the wedding hall we have prepared for you in Greater Poland will meet even the most demanding expectations. Recently, wedding houses have become very popular – Greater Poland offers many possibilities. Specialized and well-experienced staff will ensure comfort during the wedding as well as service at the highest level.

Wedding houses – Greater Poland

Our clients come from all over the voivodeship. It is not easy to find a wedding hall in Greater Poland that would meet all the requirements. That is why we meet our clients’ expectations and try to fully meet their expectations. We approach each organized party or wedding individually, making every effort to ensure that our wedding halls in Greater Poland delight not only the guests, but above all the bride and groom. We realize how important the organization of a wedding is for every bride and groom. Dwór Gogolewo is the perfect place to organize a special event. Thanks to the possibility of accommodating guests in cozy rooms in our wedding house in Greater Poland, there is no need to look for another place to stay. We make sure that the newlyweds’ guests can spend the night in comfortable conditions. According to the opinions of our previous guests, the Manor House in Gogolewo is a great place for a wedding – Wielkopolska, of course, boasts a great landscape and climate. In addition, we have a historic Renault car from 1936. It is the only one of its kind in Poland and can accompany the bride and groom to and from the ceremony site! We also have a wide range of court alcohol.

Wedding in a historic manor house

If you want your wedding day to be special, choose a place that has the right atmosphere. Your guests will remember the atmosphere at Gogolewski Dwór for a long time – what is more, we are fully professional. The wedding hall in Greater Poland prepared by us will certainly meet your expectations. Every detail is important because we realize that it is the smallest details that make up a coherent whole. We will take care of your satisfaction, so if you are looking for wedding halls with accommodation in Greater Poland, come and visit us! The manor house in Gogolewo will provide you with all the necessary elements for this special day, which is why it is the best place for a wedding in Wielkopolska. The interior design takes you back to completely different times. Therefore, in our Manor you can successfully organize a party with a theme. At the same time, everything is thought out in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort of use. So if you are looking for a wedding hall in Greater Poland, do not hesitate to contact us! In addition to high quality and good fun, the financial benefits of organizing such events are certainly also important. We offer wedding halls (Greater Poland) that are attractive in terms of price, but the services offered are still of the highest quality. In Gogolewo we offer wedding hall rental with accommodation in Greater Poland. The atmosphere of this place and beautiful views are an integral part of the Manor. We fell in love with this place immediately. We are sure that you will also be charmed by it. As we mentioned at the beginning – we approach each individual event or wedding individually, so if you have specific expectations or conditions that must be met, we encourage you to contact us. We will set a convenient date for the event and ensure that your expectations are met!

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